Anonymous GitHub

Double-blind your repository in 5 min!

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One term per line (case insensitive).
` `


  1. Fill the Github repo URL
  2. Complete the list of terms that will be anonymized. The anonymization of the content is done by replacing all occurrences of words in a list by "XXX".The word list typically contains the institution name, author names, logins, etc...
  3. Define if you want an expiration date for your anonymized repository. You can keep it for ever, remove the repository after a specific date or redirect the user to the GitHub repository.
As result, a unique url is created with the content of your repository, for example,



Anonymous GitHub Anonymizes the content of the repository but also hide the issues, pull-requests, history. This way you are sure that your repository stays anonymized.

Always up-to-date

Anonymous GitHub follows to track of the changes on your repository and updates the anonymous version automatically.


With Anonymous GitHub, it requires only 5min to anonymize your repository. No more time lost to create a anonymized version of your repository.


Anonymous GitHub is open-source, you can easily deploy it for your conference and simplify the life of your authors.


2824 Anonymized Repositories